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May 4th Youth Day! Hot heart, youth is blooming!

What should youth look like? Every era has its own answer. More than 100 years ago, the “New Youth” wrote: “Youth is like early spring, like the morning sun, like the sprouting of flowers, like the new hair of a sharp knife, the most precious period in life. also”. The awakening of the times starting from the May 4th Movement eventually converged into a torrent that pushed the nation toward rejuvenation, giving birth to the “May 4th” spirit with patriotism, progress, democracy, and science as its main contents.


Those who have dreams are always young, and they never change the edges and corners of their youth, so they can live up to their youth. They travel to the stars and seas, and they return as teenagers. Refuse to be defined, I have the final say on the appearance of youth, time will always grow old, only dreams, youth will stay forever, use time to realize the ideal of youth, the so-called youth, you must keep walking.


In the name of youth, reward every struggling heart. Youth is non-stop encounters and misses. There is no right or wrong in a young life. Experience is as important as wealth. We shoulder multiple roles and also shoulder the struggle years of Delo people.


Young, dare to act, sonorous and powerful steps, never afraid of the drive of age, do not care about failure, as long as you have the heart to run, youth is a protracted struggle, and we are always on the road. Youth has a warm name called “we”. Be brave and confident youth, paint your own color for youth, use color to render life, and reflect value. We are all DELER dreamers.


There is no dress rehearsal for youth, and life does not start again. Every period of youth without regrets deserves a better destination, to be beautiful, to spend years, and to hope that thousands of sails will pass, and you will still be young here. In the Mood for Love, youth can be expected. The reason why youth is beautiful is because there is yearning in the heart. Let us sway the sweat of youth and sing for Dele! Dele, come on, go up! Youth, come on, go up! Happy May 4th Youth Day!

Post time: May-04-2022