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Hubei Keer Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, design, production and sales of cable accessories and insulation products. It is located in Hongqiao Town, the capital of molds in China and the production base of electronic components in China. Relying on the famous Yandang Mountain Scenic Area, the geographical location is superior and the transportation is convenient.


May 4th Youth Day! Hot heart, youth is blooming!

What should youth look like? Every era has its own answer. More than 100 years ago, the “New Youth” wrote: “Youth is like early spring, like the morning sun...

     Cable accessories are mainly used in power, communication, rail transit, petrochemical and other industries. In the power industry, cable accessories are mainly used for power grid construction and power supply construction projects. With the promotion of power grid construction strategies s...
The Spring Festival and Lantern Festival have passed, and all walks of life have started work. On February 28, Liu Xiuling, director of the Standing Committee of Guangshui Municipal People’s Congress, and Sun Yu, secretary of the Party Committee of Yingshan Office, visited Dele Power to car...